Although there are many activities in the heritage and tourist railway sector in the Asia - Pacific region, they are busily advancing their plans separately; it seems there is little co-operation between countries. On the other hand, the international co-operation has been achieved and succeeded in the other region: Europe, North and Latin America and Whole World. It is essential to establish and improve regional co-operation. This should be closer, more frequent and appropriate at the local level than worldwide level.

APHTRO, Asia Pacific Heritage and Tourist Rail Organisation will mainly help the improvement of our treasured heritage railways and museums by forming a co-operative organisation to unite the countries. It will provide a forum where we can share experience and exchange ideas, advice and information in many aspects. APHTRO is able to act an important role and contribute to the growth and development of the heritage and tourist railways in the Asia - Pacific region.

Our Aims and Roles

     1. A Non-profit body to represent heritage and tourist railways and museums in the Asia - Pacific region.
     2. To provide Discussion forum for meetings, newsletters and website to share and exchange any experiences, ideas and information.
     3. To promote the sustainability of its members and to support the operation of members’ activities by:
           a.)  Making submissions to and liaising with governments or local authorities as when requested its members.
           b.)  Providing access to advice, assistance and information on technical and marketing matters etc.
     4. To generate good relationship for mutual benefit with other international organisations of heritage and tourism sector.
     5. To explore and formulate bi-lateral / multi-lateral funding / programmes.
     6. To convene an Annual General Meeting and to promote conferences with relevant themes.

We are supporting following projects

     Transforming former Taipei Railway Workshop into Railway Museum in Taiwan.
     Steam train revival plan by Manila Railroad Club in The Philippines.
     Steam locomotive mechanical inspection at Royal Railways in Cambodia.
     Financial assitance for some delegates coming annual conference.